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Martial Art Weapons Training Seminars

One-Day Training Seminars

Periodically at the Bujinkan Mushinzui Dojo Martial Arts School, when our students have trained to the appropriate level, we offer optional training days. These are often held outdoors and usually end with a social event such as a pub meal.

The theme of these martial art training seminar days vary; more recently we have spent the day examining the use of traditional and modern combat armour, using the Dakentaijutsu techniques of the Bujinkan lineage of the Kukishinden Ryu.

In the morning we trained using samurai armour, kendo armour, chain mail and other period armours such as Greek. We explored how the armour effects our movement within the Kukishinden Ryu techniques, and how we adapt to the strengths and weaknesses it creates for us. In the afternoon we explored the use of modern-day combat armour. We compared and contrasted how our movement was changed, and how we needed to adapt our techniques to accommodate these changes.

Other recent martial art training seminar days were spent learning the Bojutsu (6ft staff) of the Kukishinden Ryu Happo Biken Jutsu. We started early, and ended the day's training with a late Sunday roast.

Our one-day martial arts training days are open to all; the only pre-requisite is that you have to be a practitioner of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, either at the Saffron Walden Mushinzui Dojo, or at another Dojo recognised as being affiliated to the Bujinkan Hombu Dojo (head dojo) in Japan.

If you are interested in coming along to one of our martial art training seminar days, or would like to suggest us running one for a group of Bujinkan students, then please feel free to drop us an email. Details of future one-day Bujinkan martial arts training seminars will be available on our news page, so like us on Facebook to receive future updates.

Norman's Midsummer medley

Every year around the end of June or beginning of July, 15th Dan Shihan Norman Smithers organises a one day training seminar. Norman invites senior master teachers of Bujikan Budo Taijutsu from all over the world to teach on a theme of their choice. In more recent years, themes have included sword training, Jojutsu (4ft staff), and unarmed combat techniques.

These excellent training opportunities are held outdoors in the grounds of the Rainbow and Dove pub in Hastingwood, Essex. The pub provides camping facilities for all students wanting to stay over, and an optional barbeque on the evening of the training. Furthermore the pub offers freshly prepared ‘a la carte’ lunch for all those who pre-order on the day.

These training seminars are a great experience, combining the study and training of techniques taught by master teachers, with a great day out in the sun, followed by a classical British barbeque evening. Furthermore these training are an excellent opportunity to mix other students of the Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu martial arts from all over Europe.


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If you would like to know more about training at the Mushinzui Dojo Martial Arts School in Saffron Walden, Essex, then please drop us an email or give us a call on Saffron Walden 584324.