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Invisibility Mind

The essence of invisibility is no-mind

Bujinkan Kuji

To be truly invisible, undetectable, unperceivable, we have to have ‘no mind’. Our mind has to be like the air, completely unperceivable and without form.

The writing on our face is in our mind. How we are, what we think and how we feel is communicated covertly to all with an eye to perceive, and we all have this eye of perception, it is as natural to us as seeing, hearing, and breathing.

Through this non-verbal communication we tell everything about ourselves to everyone around us. We connect to those who want to play our unconscious games. If we are angry and aggressive, we attract angry and aggressive people, or people who want to be shouted at. If we are fearful we attract fear, or people who will make us feel fearful; the victim picks his attacker just as much as the attacker picks his victim. We live in a world of subtle interplay where we all play to each others' subconscious games; re-enforcing each others' bad habits and mistaken perceptions.

One way to start to become free of this is through awareness. We need to be aware of how we are. What is going on in our unconscious, what are the messages we give out, the games we play. To be aware like this takes a lot of introspective examination, and mind awareness in all things; we need to always examine our motivation in all things, and watch our emotions and thoughts as they arise.

Next we need to learn to not act, as our instinctive habits manifest in our thoughts and emotions. Instead of being taken along in the raging torrent arising from our mind, we need to stand firm like a boulder in a raging river, letting the water pass around and over us without budging an inch. The more we do this the weaker our instinctive destructive habits will become.

The more we do this the more clear our mind becomes, no-longer polluted by misperceptions brought about by habitual tendencies that have arisen from nowhere yet onto which we grasp so tightly thinking that they are us, defining us, feeling that if we let them go we will lose ourselves. Yet nothing is farther from the truth; in fact if we let go of them we will actually find ourselves, our true selves, our true nature, the self that we have forgotten existed and have been looking for in every nook and cranny from the start of beginning-less time.

As our true nature presents itself we are now able to truly examine it. We look at how big it is, how small it is, what colour it is, what shape it is and so forth. The more we examine it, the more familiar we become with it. The more familiar we become with it, the more we identify with it, and the less likely we are to slip back into our destructive habitual tendencies. We establish a new habit, a positive, constructive habit, the habit of being who we really are. Yet this habit although very happy and comfortable becomes a little restrictive. As we identify with our true nature we are unable to move forward. We are stuck with the idea: this is who I am; our new identity becomes once again all defining, creating barriers to spontaneity - the ability to be truly adaptable to whatever arises. We become averse to our mental and emotional arisings, and slowly we slip back into destructive habitual tendencies, habits more subtle than those observed before.

If we can be aware of what is happening through perseverance and alert mindfulness of the process of creation in this chain of causality, we can sit vigilantly looking directly at our own nature, and what we find is that our nature starts to disappear. In fact what we find is this thing which we think is our nature, with its subtle form, just disappears, and there is nothing in particular left in its place. Once here the view is very clear, everything is just what it is. It looks exactly how it did before we started down this route of exploration and examination. We find that there no longer is a mind, or to be more accurate, there is no specifically definable perceivable thing, there is just here and now; whatever rises and falls here and now rises and falls here and now, whatever is, just is, and whatever isn’t just isn’t. There is no before and there is no after. There just is what is, nothing more and nothing less.

If we live with this view then we become invisible to all or more specifically we no longer broadcast subtle unconscious games, as we are no longer playing games with ourselves. As such we are no longer in the ‘realm of games’, and thus are invisible to the gamers.

This is no-mind


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